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Scientific Bestiality

I felt the humping activity start to slow down to some extent. I knew he was putting something wet inside me from the very beginning, but, I didn't think it was his puppy making sperm. Something like a precum, I guessed, giving us the lubrication we needed.
	I then felt him really pull hard on his doggy cock, as if trying to remove his knot from inside me. I then realized he wasn't trying to pull it out as much as he was trying to see if he was securely tied with me, mating with me. I guess once he was satisfied with the tie, I felt his cock throb and jerk inside my pussy. I felt a very warm sensation, and then I felt his cum shoot against my cervix with strong force. It really felt great. I felt my pussy expand even more now with the high volume of semen and sperm he was injecting into my knotted pussy.
	I now noticed Audrey assisted taking Rosie off the table. "I am going to leave you alone for a minute. You'll be alright till I return." Audrey returned a moment later with a Bassett Hound. "Rosie, would you mind getting like Jenny?"
	Rosie was on the mat on her hands and knees after removing what little clothing she still had on. I then noticed she still hadn't had her tits come in yet, still flat-chested, yes, but, her nipples were greatly extended.
	"Rosie, you know, this is going to hurt at first, it might be a little, and it might be more. Once he is inside you, you will no longer be a virgin." Hearing Rosie say she understood, Audrey put socks on the Hound's front legs as she did with this dog knotted to me. Audrey turned the dog "lose" from the leash. I assure you, the Hound knew what was expected of him. He immediately began licking Rosie's hairless pussy. I noticed how his cock was sticking out of its sheath, more and more with each passing moment.
	Never having anything but her own finger touch or penetrate her virgin pussy, Rosie squealed continuously as the Hound began its ministrations of his tongue, licking her pussy hole, drinking her girly goo, getting all excited, causing his cock to stick out nearly five inches before he quit licking. He backed away from Rosie's butt only to jump up on her back and clamp onto her waist as I had experienced. It was very interesting and exciting to watch Rosie go through what I did, and to see how it was done to me by watching Rosie.
	I saw his cock go directly into her excited horny virgin pussy. I was so excited for her until I heard her cry out, "MOM!" and I felt so bad for her knowing the pain she felt for having her hymen penetrated, and there was nothing I could do since I was knotted to the dog inside my pussy he was still filling with his doggy cum.
	The dog inside me now tried to move around. "Jenny, drop your butt some. He is trying to turn." I did and I felt him twist around. I now realized we were like the dogs in the park, standing butt to butt, mating, knotted, tied.
	Evidently, the pain reduced a lot for now all we heard were moans and groans of pleasure from being freshly deflowered and getting her first fuck. Now I was becoming happy for her as I was cumming.
	I watched as the dog jumped forward while fucking her working his cock inside her preteen pussy as deep as he could reach. I then noticed his knot forming at the base of his cock, wedging between her pussy lips. "Relax, baby, relax," I told her. She did, I could tell, for nearly instantly the dog got the front half of his knot wedged into her stretched pussy opening, and a couple of hard forward pushes later, I watched it disappear within her pussy. I saw her entire vulva bulging out from the force of his knot trying to dislodge itself from inside her grasping pussy.
	The bulging of her vulva was bigger and bigger and then 
I noticed it became smaller and smaller, as the knot was getting big enough inside her pussy the knot couldn't pull back as far as the knot was stuck further and further inside her.
	"MOM, he is peeing inside me!" Rosie screamed out in pure pleasure.
	"No, Rosie, he is depositing his male juices inside you, as if he is trying to impregnate you. It is quite warm, isn't it?" Audrey asked.
	"Yes, it feels so good." Rosie could hardly talk because of all the extreme pleasure she was receiving being knotted with the dog.
	I noticed the Hound trying to get the left rear leg over the top of Rosie's butt. Audrey instructed her to lower her butt as well. She did, and the dog was able to face the other way from Rosie. Now all we could hear was the sounds of pleasure escaping from her mouth.
	By now I guess it was close to fifteen to twenty minutes since the dog knotted to me turned, and he was getting a bit restless. I sensed it was about time for him to remove his knot from my thoroughly satisfied pussy. Not to be disappointed, his knot did start to shrink at this time. It felt so weird as he was pulling on his cock testing the tie, feeling what felt like a vacuum inside me trying to hold his knotted cock inside me. He finally pulled hard enough to get some of his knot out of me, and when he did finally get his knot out of me, he removed his cock at the same time, and I couldn't believe how much of his cum he had put inside me, pouring out of me like a faucet, all over the mat.
	I noticed how the Hound was doing the same with Rosie. 
Evidently, his knot was shrinking already. Maybe for her getting fucked for the first time it was good. The hound untied within about five minutes after my tie was broke, with a huge amount of doggy cum pouring out of Rosie as well, along with a tiny bit of blood.
	Once the hound withdrew from Rosie, Rosie collapsed on the mat. I was so happy for her. I noticed her vulva was greatly swollen, her lips totally distended, quivering as if they were vibrating directly resulting from so many extremely intense orgasms.
	Audrey reached into a cabinet removing two sanitary napkins, handing one to Rosie and I. "I think you will be needing these. You will drain for the rest of the day and most likely some tomorrow," she offered.
	I tried to stand up, but, I was so wobble legged at this time, it was like trying to stand on hot butter supports. Once we were able to recover, we did get dressed. I thanked Audrey for everything. Rosie hugged Audrey. Having some tears in her eyes, she said, "Thanks, Audrey, for making my first so memorable."
	We got home a few minutes later. I didn't wake up until I heard Bob come inside the house.
	"It looks like you two are wiped out."
	"We are, to be honest with you." I thought about telling 
Bob the entire chain of events of today, but, instead, I asked, "Do you have any fantasies?"
	"Now that you asked, yes, I do have one."
	"And what would that be?" as if I already didn't know.
	"I would love to make love to our lovely daughter."
	Hearing this, Rosie's ears perked up considerably, "I 
would welcome that, Dad."
	I had dinner a little early tonight. For some reason, 
with Bob mentioning how he would love to have sex with Rosie, I anticipated it happening tonight.
	Once dinner was finished, Bob said he was going to take 
a dip in the pool. He went inside his bedroom and removed his clothes and put on his swimming trunks. Walking through the house, he went out back to the pool and jumped in it.
	With everything finished in the kitchen and once everything was put away, I informed Rosie we should join her father in the pool. Both of us went to our rooms to put on our swim wear. Together we walked out to the pool to jump in joining Bob, who was leaning against the side of the pool by the 5' mark.
	We swam around a bit before going inside the house where 
we could get out of our wet suits. Bob and I went into our room only to remove our swim suits. Bob went inside the bathroom to grab a towel and dry off. He put on his bathrobe once he finished drying off. I did the same as Bob, and together we went inside the living room.
	We were sitting on the couch together waiting for Rosie to join us. "Bob, be gentle with her, Hon. Let's makes this a beautiful experience for her, alright?" I asked.
	Bob opened his robe and grabbed his hardening cock as he 
kissed me. I took his hand away from it only to replace it with my hand, stroking his beautiful cock as it reached its maximum hardness.
	We could hear Rosie open her bedroom door, "Don't stop, Jenny, let her watch us," Bob whispered in my ear. Rosie walked into the living room "catching" us on the couch with me playing with Bob's erection.
	Rosie stood not five feet away from us, seeing everything in detail. I knew she was there, but, from the way I was sitting, I knew I wouldn't be able to see her without turning my head her direction.
	I don't know why I did this, but, once she was there, I lowered my head towards Bob's lap to put his cock in my mouth, giving him one of the very few blowjobs I have ever given him.
	I kept this up for a while, deciding now would be the best time to stop the blowjob and act surprised to see Rosie standing there watching us. "Oh, hello Rosie, I didn't see you standing there." I covered Bob's cock with his robe only after I was sure I gave Rosie a good long look at Bob's cock.
	"It's ok, Mom, you don't mind me watching this do you?"
	Bob answered by saying, "Rosie, we wanted you to see this. Do you want us to go any further?"
	"I would love to see it all, Dad," she excitedly replied.
	"I'll tell you what, Rosie. Why don't you sit on my lap?" Bob suggested.
	Rosie sat on his lap, obviously with her butt on Bob's hard cock. Once again, during all this, his robe fell open. I felt under Rosie's night shirt, and I learned she was not wearing any panties. "Why don't you kiss your father, in a loving way? He will direct you with his mouth and tongue, and just follow his lead," I suggested.
	Rosie couldn't reach Bob's face without leaning way forward, and moving up a tiny bit. I kept my hand under her night shirt rubbing her lower back and butt, working my way lower until I was rubbing her hairless pussy. Since I knew she was no longer a virgin, I pushed my finger in her pussy, the same one I push into my pussy when I finger myself, as far as I could get it inside her. I finger fucked her pussy for a while making sure her pussy was wet and ready to be fucked.
	"Can I see it, Dad?" Rosie asked. "Sure, baby, if that is what you want." Bob pulled his robe completely out of the way and reached around under Rosie's butt, grabbing his cock to pull it towards his belly button. Looking down, Rosie saw Bob's cock poking out from under her butt. She reached down to feel it. She stroked it a few times, "I bet this would really feel good inside me."
	She was really wet by now, and I thought she was ready to try and take Bob's cock within her pussy.
	"If that is what you really want, Rosie." I reached down between her butt and Bob's belly, "Rise up a bit, Rosie." When she did, I grabbed Bob's hard cock, holding it upright trying to line it up with Rosie's pussy entrance. "Go ahead and lower yourself down, now, Rosie." She lowered her butt down slowly as if she was searching for the tip of her father's cock.
	When her labia made contact with the tip of Bob's cock, Rosie stopped her downward progress. I moved the tip of Bob's cock back and forth along Rosie's preteen hairless slit to gather all the natural lube, and the dog's cum that was still seeping out of her pussy; I could get on it to make it easier for Rosie to accept Bob's cock.
	Once I was sure there was sufficient lube, I said, "Ok, 
Rosie, lower yourself down now and notice how your dad's cock will spread your entrance and then start going inside you. It will feel good, but, if it hurts, stop and we'll go from there," I instructed. She said she would and then I noticed how her labia did separate and 
also her pussy entrance spread as Bob's cock head began to penetrate her pussy. The insides of her labia began to roll inwards as they drug along the side of Bob's cock head as it began to disappear inside Rosie.
	"It feels good, but, hurts as well, Mom," Rosie announced stopping her downward advance.
	"Then raise yourself up slowly and before he comes out of your pussy, go back down like you did before. You might have to do this a few times before he feels better to you and to get you’re properly lubed to allow further penetration." I watched as Rosie raised herself up an inch or less, and then going back down, I watched as Bob's entire cock head disappeared and a tiny bit of his 
cock shaft.
	Rosie then raised herself up again and then lowered herself down taking more of Bob's cock. She did this for nearly four minutes before she had the entire cock inside her pussy. I told her to lean a bit forward now and then to sit down completely on her father's lap. 
When she did this, I watched as her pussy went down completely to the top of Bob's balls. She had her father's cock now balls deep. I felt so proud of her.
	"Rosie, I want you to sit still now until you feel comfortable enough to start moving," Bob suggested, "so you can enjoy the sensations to the maximum. It won't feel good to you if it’s not feeling comfortable to you."
	Within a couple of minutes, Rosie began to raise and lower herself on her father's fat cock, being sure to take every bit of his cock balls deep inside her very tight preteen pussy, a pussy so tight I barely got my finger into it without hurting her.
		This went on for about five minutes when I heard the sounds of Rosie breathing harder and harder, moving her butt up and down faster and faster. "Rosie, you keep that up, I am going to cum inside you really soon," Bob announced.
	"Please, Dad, cum inside me. I want that. We can do this again later, but I have to feel you cum inside me," Rosie said quite loud in her extremely excited state.
	"Ok, Rosie, if that is what you want," Bob said before he started to groan as he does as his orgasm approaches. A minute later, Bob grabbed Rosie by her waist and slammed her down into his lap fairly hard, shoving his cock into her as deep as he could, holding his cock still as he began to shake and deposit his seed deep into his daughter's pussy. He gave her a couple of blasts of cum before he pulled outwards and rammed his cock back inside her as deep as he could giving her more of his cum.
	Once he finished cumming inside Rosie, Rosie began to have her orgasm as well. I was afraid she was going to fall off Bob's lap watching the way she was leaning, so I hurried to her to grab her shoulders to hold her upright as her pussy accepted her father's life giving sperm and having her orgasm. The last thing I wanted was to see her get hurt from falling down, especially at a time like this.
	Her body was totally limp. I leaned her forward and had Bob support her nearly lifeless form while she recovered from what must have been a very intense orgasm. Momentarily after she leaned into Bob, Rosie "came to" with that sleepy look in her eyes, and instantly began to cry. I hugged her and began to cry with her, knowing she was so happy with what just happened, and how happy I was for her to enjoy her first human sexual intercourse, and especially that human being her father with such intensity.
	She just sat still on her father's lap. His cock was still embedded inside his daughter's cum filled pussy. "That was beautiful, Kitten," as he sometimes called her. "Can we do this again, Dad, if Mom doesn't mind?"
	"Rosie, if you and your dad want to do this again, be my guest, just remember, don't hog him because as you know, I am going to want it as well." Rosie and Bob both smiled when I offered them my blessings to continue with their sexual delights.
	It really worked out great for us. When I was having a monthly, Rosie would take care of Bob's needs not leaving Bob with no pussy for a week. It couldn't have worked out any better.
	The only real problem was when I wanted to get laid myself, sometimes I would have to wait until Bob recovers because Rosie beat me to him. I had to laugh within myself with the thought of Rosie being a virgin one day and a daddy loving slut the next.
	As I mentioned before, when Bob cums, he makes a very high volume of cum. So many times after he fucked either Rosie or me, or sometimes the both of us, we would insert tampons into our pussies to absorb the cum trapped inside our fucked pussies.
	One morning after Rosie got filled with cum; we were sitting in the kitchen in the nude. I don't know why, but, I found myself looking at the string hanging out of Rosie's pussy. It made me wet thinking about why she had the tampon inside her pussy other than the monthlies that had not started for her yet.
	"Rosie, you remember how the dog licked you before he 
jumped on your back?"
	"Yes, I loved it."
	"I was thinking maybe we should think about getting us a 
dog so we can enjoy his tongue. What do you think about that idea," I asked.
	"I would love it. That was the only time I got licked and I really miss it. Can we get the dog today?" she asked.
	"Tell you what." Pausing to get my thoughts together, I said, "Why don't we play doggy? In other words, I'll be the dog and I will lick your pussy for you. Would you like that?"
	Hearing her "famous" giggle, she stood up. I led her into the living room so she could get comfortable on the couch, her legs hanging over the edge of the cushions. I got between her wide spread legs and pulled her butt so her pussy was hanging over the edge. I put her legs over my shoulders and started to kiss her above her pussy mound.
	Not too long afterwards, I made contact with her hairless slit with my tongue. I licked slowly up and down her slit, digging as deep as I could into her pussy and then licking upwards to her clit being sure to scrape my tongue across the tip of her clit.
	I did this for maybe ten minutes or so and Rosie came hard. She shot her girly juices into my mouth. I forgot how good female juices tasted. I have had a couple of lesbian experiences years ago, and I did miss them, and now that Rosie has become sexually active, it opened doors that were closed for so long.
	I continued licking Rosie's pussy as she calmed down. Next thing I knew, Rosie was licking my pussy. For being her first time, I thought she was doing a really good job. She made me cum once and before she made me cum the second time, there was a knock on the door.
	"Fuck!" I said softly, jumping off the couch to grab my 
robe. Rosie did the same thing. "I'll be right there," I announced, as I wrapped the robe around my nude body.
	Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to find Audrey on the other side of the door. She was holding onto a leash that went to the same dog that fucked me not too long ago. I invited her inside the house along with the dog. Once Audrey and dog was inside the living room, I closed the door and gave Audrey a heartfelt hug. 
"So very nice to see you again," I said as I hugged her.
	Patting my back, Audrey said, "Same here."
	When Rosie learned it was Audrey, for some unknown reason, Rosie came out of her bedroom completely nude.
	"Oh my! Aren't you the anxious one," Audrey responded 
with a laughing smile on her face.
	She noticed the string hanging out of Rosie's pussy. 
"She start her periods already?" she asked, somewhat stunned.
	"No, not yet. She is still dripping her father's cum 
from last night. Since we last seen you and the two dogs, she has become very active, and she has already taken Bob's cock balls deep and he loves it, so he shoots her full of his cum, which is a lot of cum, believe me," I replied.
	"I guess she is competing with you, then, for Bob's cock," Audrey surmised. "Big time, but, I got things under control there now. I don't quite get the quantity I want, but, I get better quality, so it works out just as well, if you know what I mean."
	"Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I thought I would come by with Rusty so if you wanted to spend some time with him, you could. Since it is Friday afternoon, I could leave him with you until Sunday night. That is if you are interested in the possibilities I am offering to you."
	"Most thoughtful of you. Thank you. You won't believe this, but, Rosie said she misses the dog's tongue this morning, so we took turns in trying to be the dog. It worked out rather well, but, still not being the same as an actual dog, if you know what I mean."
	"Jenny, that is beautiful. I am so happy for the both of you, believe me," Audrey responded happily.
	"Audrey, I do have a question for you though. While we were talking about Rusty a moment ago, I was thinking. If Rosie's pussy is able to accept Bob's rather fat cock balls deep, would she be able to accept Rusty's knot without being hurt?"
	Thinking briefly, looking at nude Rosie and her totally exposed hairless pussy, Audrey responded by saying, "I don't know. I didn't bring any instruments with me. I guess the only way I could determine the answer to that would to be to examine her myself."
	"That would be alright with me." Looking at Rosie, "What do you think, Rosie, would you like for Audrey to examine you to see if you can take Rusty's knot?"
	"Yes," Rosie responded immediately. "What do I have to 
	"Just lay down on your back, and I will do the rest," 
Audrey answered. Immediately, Rosie was on the couch, on her back, with her legs wide spread. Audrey looked at the string hanging out of 
Rosie's pussy, grabbing it saying, "I am going to have to remove this," as she began to pull on the string.
	Once the tampon came out, a tiny bit of Bob's semen followed the tampon. "My, My," Audrey said testing the weight of the tampon. He must be a heavy cummer, this tampon is completely full. I envy you," laughing as she completed her remark.
	She reached to Rosie's crotch, carefully looking at every detail Rosie's pussy had to offer. She then eased a finger inside Rosie's pussy, pushing slowly further inside before she removed her finger. Then she added a second finger and pushed both fingers inside Rosie's pussy. She was amazed how easily she was able to insert the two fingers. 
	As she felt around the inside of Rosie's pussy, spread her two fingers apart something like a baseball pitcher would hold the ball as he prepared to throw the pitch and pulled outwards imitating the same pulling as a dog's knot. Seeing no discomfort with Rosie, Audrey said, "I think she would be fine with Rusty."
	"Tell you what... While I am here, let's just find out right now. If there is to be a problem, I know how I can remove his knot from her early without hurting either her or Rusty. Would you like that?" Audrey suggested.
	There was still over an hour before Bob came home from work, so I decide to allow it to happen, if Rosie wanted to try this. When asked Rosie how she felt, she said she would love to try it out, especially with Audrey here if there were to be a problem.
	I went to my bedroom and grabbed a pair of Bob's athletic socks for Rusty's front legs. After putting them on, Rosie, without being told, went inside the kitchen and leaned over the seat of one of the chairs at the kitchen table. She spread her legs a big as an invite for Rusty, so Audrey and I got up and joined her inside the kitchen.
	Rusty needed no encouragement. Immediately he began to 
lick Rosie's pussy. From how Rosie responded, he was doing a good job of licking her pussy. I noticed how big Rusty's doggy cock was getting, especially the knot within the confines of the sheath. I was nearly concerned about what was to happen, hoping I wasn't making a mistake by allowing this to happen, but, continued to allow this to happen knowing Audrey was here just in case of a problem.
	Rusty quit licking Rosie's pussy only to jump up on her back as he mounted her. I nearly gasped when I saw his doggy cock. He had nearly 7" sticking out of his sheath and had more cock still inside the sheath. He quickly found Rosie's pussy hole with the tip of his pointed red doggy cock and immediately pushed forward driving his cock a long way into Rosie.
	"How you feel?" I asked.
	"Great, Mom, he feels GOOOOOOD!"
	Rusty began his humping motion now, driving his cock forward further than what he was pulling out making sure to get his cock deeper and deeper inside my daughter's pussy.
	By now, his knot was outside the sheath and totally visible to Audrey and I. I couldn't believe how big it was now, and then knowing how big it was going to become when inside Rosie.
	He drove his doggy cock as far as the knot would allow. Audrey noticed he was having some problem getting his knot inside Rosie, so she quickly went into her purse to remove some water based lube, squeezing some around Rusty's knot.
	That was all it took. Six more forward lunges, his knot was completely buried inside Rosie's pussy. "How you feel now? His knot is inside you," I asked. "Mom, he feels a lot better inside me than the hound. Don't worry, he is doing well."
	That was all I needed to hear. I relaxed now knowing Rosie was in good shape for the doggy fuck she was getting. All too soon, Rusty slowed down his fucking motions and easily slipped his right leg over Rosie's butt standing there butt to butt with my doggy fucked daughter, hung up tight inside her pussy, his huge knot 
pressuring her clit big time.
	Rosie came so many times, I lost count. While they were knotted, I was so excited for Rosie I didn't notice the time. I watched the front door open as Bob walked inside the house. You can only imagine the look on his face seeing his daughter hung up on a dog knot with a strange woman in the house with us. "Hello, Hon," I said. "I would like for you to meet Audrey, a good friend of mine."
	Bob didn't appear to be mad, just greatly surprised. He asked how long has this been going on. "So far, they have been tied for nearly 45 minutes."
	"We wanted to do this for you, Daddy," Rosie added unrepentantly, in hopes of comforting her possibly mad father down.
	Audrey volunteered to inform Bob how this started, and how the both of us accepted our first doggy fucks not too long ago, and this was Rosie's second time getting doggy fucked. Bob began to relax enough for me to think he was not getting mad, but if anything, excited by this.
	"Mom, Rusty has put so much cum inside me, I am starting to feel like a water balloon expanding due to all the water inside it." Hearing this was the most perfect thing she could have said, causing a huge wave of laughter from the three of us. "That is perfectly natural, Rosie, that means he is shooting his sperm directly into your womb now because your pussy is so full. Not one drop of his cum has leaked out of your pussy. You are totally sealed by his knot," Audrey explained.
	Bob left us for a moment only to come back completely nude sporting a massive hard on. As he stood there watching his only daughter being filled with doggy sperm, he stroked his hard cock in front of Audrey and I.
	"So, you do like this, don't you?" I asked.
	"If you only knew how much," he replied.
	"Would you like to be in Rosie's position?" Audrey 
jokingly asked.
	"Would you mind if I said YES?" Bob replied, shocking me 
and Audrey.
	"This is something I would love to see," I replied. "Me, 
too," Rosie replied.
	Ten minutes later, Rusty's knot shrank enough to allow him to pull his knot out of Rosie's cum filled preteen pussy. When he did, what appeared to be a quart of cum gushed out her stretched out pussy hole.
	"If you are serious, Bob, Rusty will be ready to go 
again in about ten minutes. This is why I like him so 
much, his amazing quick recovery," Audrey suggested.
	"We have to prepare you, first, Bob. As you can imagine where his cock is going to go, we will need to make room for his cock and knot," Audrey said. So Audrey and Bob went inside our bathroom. I knew she was going to give Bob an enema to clean out his ass so it wouldn't be so messy afterwards.
	Fifteen minutes later, they came back into the kitchen. Bob's cock was sticking straight up now. It has been years since I have seen his cock that hard to stick straight up, nearly against his belly. He assumed the same position as Rosie was in.
	Audrey grabbed the lube coating her fingers with it. She pushed two fingers inside Bob's rectum smearing some lube around the inside of his colon. She then spread her fingers to open his rectum and put the tip of the tube of lube inside his rectum and squeezed a very liberal amount of lube inside his asshole.
	She then reached down to Rusty's lower belly to start jacking off the dog's sheathed cock. Quickly his cock was beginning to stick out of the protective sheath and the knot began to swell slightly.
	"Bob, now listen to me, this is going to be very important for you to listen to." 
	Seeing she had his complete attention, Audrey continued by saying, "Your rectum doesn't have quite the elasticity a vagina has, so you will need to relax your anal muscles completely as soon as you can to allow Rusty to put his knot inside you. If you don't, and he still manages to force that knot of his inside you, it might damage your intestinal walls, and God only knows what could happen after that."
	Saying he understood, Audrey continued jacking off Rusty's doggy cock until he started to hump her hand.
	"Mount, Rusty, Mount!" Audrey commanded, at which time Rusty jumped on Bob's back. Audrey reached down grabbing Rusty's excited doggy cock and guided it to Bob's anal opening. Immediately Rusty drove his cock as deep as the front of his knot. On the second forward push, the knot entered Bob's rectum. Bob knew enough to tighten his sphincter muscles trapping the dog knot inside his ass. 
As Rusty's knot began to swell, Audrey pushed on Rusty's butt to keep him from jerking out too hard and remove his knot. She knew his knot was still swelling bigger and bigger inside Bob's ass even though Rusty was not thrusting in and out.
	"How you feel?" I asked.
	"I can't believe this. I feel so full, and his knot is still getting bigger. I am starting to wonder how big it is going to get," Bob replied, not with alarm in his voice, but, in total excitement. I could tell. His cock was dripping more precum than I have ever seen. I mentioned this to Audrey who only laughed a bit saying it was because the knot was putting pressure on his prostrate causing the prostrate to be milked, ending with precum dripping out of his cock head.
	"He is cumming now. I can feel it shoot inside me, filling me quickly, just like when I had the enema. Damn, it sure feels good," Bob nearly yelled.
	Audrey reached down to grab Bob's super excited hard cock. She stroked it a few times before Bob blew a tremendous load of sperm all over her arm and kitchen floor. "WOW! I see what you mean about a big load of cum. Now that really explains the use of the tampon earlier."
	Bob's cock never lost it hardness, so I jacked him off the second time. I never seen Bob cum so quickly after the first time, so imagine my surprise when I saw how much cum he shot the second time, which was nearly as much as the first time, just a few minutes earlier.
	"You are such a lucky woman," Audrey offered. "My husband lets me know he is cumming and sometimes I feel it, but, most of the time I don't."
	Rusty didn't turn on Bob. In fact, it was only ten minutes later, Rusty was able to remove his cock. Bob's cock was still hard, giving me a great idea.
	"Audrey, let Bob fuck you and cum inside you. I want you to enjoy the same sensations Rosie and I enjoy the big load of cum being deposited inside you. I know you want to, and this would be a great time." Audrey didn't need to be told this the second time, for she quickly removed her clothes and got to her knees on the floor and laid over the same chair Rosie and Bob had laid over.
	Bob got behind Audrey and pushed into Audrey's super-hot 
and wet pussy with absolute ease, first stroke, balls deep. He fucked Audrey for fifteen minutes before he pushed into her hard and deep, holding himself that way as he shot her full of his potent seed. Audrey screamed out her orgasm feeling the tremendous volume of cum 
being shot inside her fucked pussy.
	Being spent, finally, Bob withdrew his satisfied cock from Audrey's pussy. And just like with Rosie and Bob, his cum dripped out of Audrey's pussy nearly as heavy as what Rusty's cum did coming from Bob's ass and Rosie's pussy.
	"I can't believe how much you can cum, Bob. Thanks for allowing me to feel it," Audrey announced. I hurried into the bathroom to fetch three tampons. Once I was inside the kitchen, I handed Audrey, Rosie, and Bob a tampon. Rosie and Audrey quickly unwrapped theirs and inserted them inside their cum filled pussies. Since Bob never needed to use a tampon before, I unwrapped the tampon for him and inserted it into his ass for him.
	You can only imagine what it looked like have	 three people, two females and one male with tampon strings hanging out of their bodies. It was a spectacle forcing me to laugh some, thinking about it.
	In his loving voice, Bob said, "You know, you haven't been had yet," just as I noticed Rusty standing in front of me, wiggling his tail, panting, blowing his hot breath into my face. "No, not yet, Bob." Looking at Rosie, I said, "You better get a tampon for me, I am going to need it."